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Due to COVID-19, NCTD Operations are Suspended at This Time. Stay Safe & Well.

NCTD requests that all volunteers and participants in NCTD sponsored activities who are medically able receive a COVID vaccine prior to taking part in any therapy team visit, indoor class, open floor, evaluation or other event. The current CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing should be followed by attendees at all NCTD events being held indoors or outdoors.

Costs and Fees

National Capital Therapy Dogs charges fees for classes, evaluations, and volunteer registration & renewal. Generally these fees cover the cost of expenses, including room rentals and ongoing administrative & educational costs.

Item Fee
Handler's Class $70
Therapy Dog Training Class (TDTC) $100
Therapy Team Evaluation (handler and pet) $20
Registration & Renewal (every 3 years) $60

NCTD discounts under certain circumstances:

  1. Current NCTD members may train and visit with additional pets by completing the Therapy Dog Training Class and Therapy Team Evaluation again with that new pet. It is not required to complete the Handler's Class again.
  2. Current NCTD members training with a new pet receive a 50% discount on the cost of each additional Therapy Dog Training Class they attend.
  3. Current NCTD instructors and evaluators who are training with a new pet may register for any of the training and evaluation events for free.

Further details on how current NCTD members may obtain these discounts is described on the Member's Online Resources page in the Members Only portion of this website.

Financial assistance to cover some fees may be available via through the NCTD "Gandalf Fund". Individuals requesting this assistance should write a letter (e-mail preferred) to the NCTD Board of Directors for review. Please email your letter to or include it with your registration application.

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