How To Volunteer

Who are our volunteers?
We have over 80 active volunteer handler- and -dog teams. Every volunteer has undergone standards-based training and evaluation, and is required to take continuing education workshops. Training is rigorous and covers all aspects of visiting, including the importance of infection control and patient privacy. Our animal partners also undergo thorough training and evaluation, and are groomed and cleaned before every visit. The handler must obtain a health status report signed by the veterinarian. NCTD’s general liability insurance is in effect when teams are visiting NCTD-approved facilities.

How to become involved:
NCTD is always looking for new volunteer teams. If you have a healthy obedient dog, who loves people and gets along well with other dogs, and if you are interested in helping our clients, you and your dog may be good candidates. We can also accept cats and certain other pets. NCTD provides training classes for handlers and their animal partners and will evaluate the team. When the team passes the evaluation, NCTD will assist in finding a suitable facility for them to visit. As an NCTD volunteer you will be eligible to visit any NCTD-approved facility that requires additional teams, where you will be mentored by an experienced volunteer. You will also be able to take advantage of ongoing training opportunities and will be invited to NCTD social activities.

Here are the steps you take to get involved with NCTD:
Step 1 - Your dog must pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test before you start NCTD classes.
Step 2 - You take a 5-hour class, for handlers only, to review important information you need before you visit with your dog.
Step 3 - You and your dog take a 6-week training class that covers appropriate visiting behaviors and techniques.
Step 4 - You schedule an NCTD evaluation for you and your dog, usually within a few weeks after your last class.
Steps 5-8 -After you pass the NCTD evaluation, the Director of Volunteers will help you find a facility to visit. You will also be assigned a mentor, who will accompany and assist you until you are comfortable visiting on your own.

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Why Volunteer With National Capital Therapy Dogs?

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